Seminar Exchange 2010

Third year for NCAS/JISAO Seminar Exchange

Howard University: January 2010

Dr. Joel ThorntonDr. Joel Thornton, Associate Professor in the UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences, visited Howard University in Washington, DC to give a seminar titled "Sea Spray Chemistry over Denver and Other Insights into the Nocturnal Chemistry of Nitrogen Oxides" (see sidebar). The trip was sponsored by JISAO as part of the on-going seminar exchange with the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences headquartered at Howard.

In addition to giving a talk, Thornton met with faculty and students in the Departments of Chemistry and Atmospheric Sciences. Dr. Thornton visited the NCAS/Howard University Beltsville Research Site, which measures and studies surface energy fluxes, radiation, lidar, ozone, and precipitation, and met with members of the NCAS research team. Overlapping research interests may open the door to future research collaboration between Howard and the University of Washington.

The results of Thornton's research have been published under the title "A Large Atomic Chlorine Source Inferred from Mid-Continental Reactive Nitrogen Chemistry" in the March, 2010 issue of the journal Nature.