Live from the North Pole

Visit NOAA's Arctic Theme Page to watch web cam animations from an ice floe in the North Pole. 2013 animations are updated weekly. 


Gulf of Alaska ecosystem research

Dyson in the Gulf of AlaskaThe NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson's April 2013 cruise off southeastern Alaska is part of the Lower Trophic Level Studies for the GOA-IERP, an integrated ecosystem research program sponsored by the North Pacific Research board. From 2010 to 2014, oceanographers, fisheries biologists and modelers are looking at the gauntlet faced by commercially important young-of-the-year groundfishes, specifically walleye pollock, Pacific cod, Pacific ocean perch, sablefish and arrowtooth flounder in both the eastern and western gulf. The factors that most affect the survival of these fish as they travel from offshore areas where they are spawned to nearshore nursery areas will be identified. The Oscar Dyson's cruise studied the hydrography, nutrients, chlorophyll, and primary production, as well as sampling the zooplankton and larval fish abundance.

Searching for undersea volcanic eruptions

RV Roger RavelleThe Submarine Ring of Fire 2012 - NE Lau Basin cruise is underway. Dive video of undersea eruptions can be watched live on the Ocean Explorer website. 

The RV Roger Ravelle loaded in Suva, Fiji on September 8 with a contingent visiting the ship including the US Ambassador, students, and members of the press. They were given a tour of the ship and JISAO's Joe Resing, chief scientist on the cruise, did a short interview with the Fiji Sun and Fiji Times

Dr. Resing spent time with the ambassador discussing the issue of deep sea mining which is of acute interest to the island nations of the South Pacific. He indicated to her that the program is very interested in this issue with regards to Ocean Stewardship, including characterizing existing ecosystems and  maintaining bio-resources and ecosystems within the inner ocean, especially in submarine volcanic habitats. 


In 2011, Dr. Resing's research on undersea volcanoes made the cover of Nature Geoscience. The publication is titled "Active submarine eruption of boninite in the northeastern Lau Basin."

Cover of Nature Geosciences


Pacific Science Center Partnership

JISAO routinely partners with Pacific Science Center on community education and outreach events bringing science to kids, families and adult audiences. Pacific Science Center is a trusted institution known for its outstanding contributions to science education. JISAO, in partnership with Pacific Science Center, is able to deliver significant science content to a wide audience in Seattle and the greater King County community.