Morehouse College Visit

JISAO represented at inaugural Hopps Research Training Symposium

Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia
September 24-25, 2009

Morehouse College signThe symposium and recruitment fair, sponsored by the Dr. John H. Hopps Jr. Research Scholars Program, had two main objectives. First, to give students who completed summer research projects a chance to present their results, and second, to give representatives from universities with undergraduate research programs and graduate schools in the sciences the opportunity to meet Morehouse students pursuing math and science degrees.

The first day was labeled the 'meet and greet' day and consisted of a 3-hour open house where students could peruse information from various research institutions. Jimmy Booth, an Atmospheric Sciences grad student at the University of Washington, represented JISAO and the UW College of the Environment. Jimmy spoke with numerous students, many of whom expressed interest in applying for the JISAO undergraduate summer internship program. The students were particularly curious about the specific areas of study in the fields of atmospheric science and oceanography.

The second day of the symposium was student presentation day. Jimmy, invited to judge mathematics and physics talks, listened to students present subjects ranging from advanced mathematics (real analysis, game theory and advanced algebra) to physiology and materials engineering. All of the presentations were well polished and illuminating. After each talk, the judges gave light critiques of the scientific process of the research, the presentation techniques, and the applicability of the research projects. The oral presentations were followed by a catered lunch featuring a speaker who highlighted the need to embrace and understand diversity.