Washington's Future in a Changing Climate

Lecture in Olympia, WA: February 25, 2009

The University of Washington College of the Environment and JISAO co-sponsored a presentation on the results of the recently completed Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment on February 25 2009 at the Washington State Capital building. The event was open to the public and was attended by numerous UW alumni, state legislators, and agency representatives.

The event featured three distinguished speakers:

Ed Miles


Ed Miles
Director, Climate Impacts Group
Professor, University of Washington School of Marine Affairs



Phil Mote
Research Scientist, Climate Impacts Group
Washington State Climatologist


Jay Manning


Jay Manning
Director, Washington State Department of Ecology



Tom Ackerman and Jay Manning

The evening began with Ed Miles, Director of the Climate Impacts Group (CIG), giving an overview of the groundbreaking assessment. Phil Mote, CIG Research Scientist and Washington State Climatologist, gave a summary of the study's results which focused on the impacts of climate change on eight sectors: agriculture, energy, forests, human health, urban stormwater infrastructure, salmon, and hydrology and water resources.

Jay Manning, Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology (photo, right), concluded the presentation by talking about the significance of the assessment and how the information will be used as the state prepares for the challenges ahead. A thirty-minute discussion period followed the talks and was moderated by JISAO Director Tom Ackerman.


Get a copy of the "Washington Climate Changes Impacts Assessment" report here