Past Interns

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2016 JISAO summer interns

L-R: Caroline Tribble, Grace Stonecipher, Michael Espriella, Marcos Amezcua, Nicola Paul, Jeremy Sousa, Sarah Brown, Austin Carter, Suzanna Officer, Madisyn Frandsen, Iker Madera

Mar​cos Amezcua — Humboldt State University — Marcos traveled to Lake Iliamna in Alaska to work with Rachel Hovel and the Alaska Salmon Program. 

Sarah Brown — University of Texas — Sarah worked with Erin Richmond in the Polar Ecosystems Program to identify and estimate abundance of polar bears and ice seals. 

Austin Carter — University of Michigan — Marcos worked with Anthony Arendt and Shad O'Neel and traveled to Alaska to determine glacier runoff contributions on the Wolverine Glacier.

Michael Espriella — University of Southern California — Michael worked with the UW Fisheries Acoustics Lab and John Horne studying how differences in acoustic instrumentation alter perceptions of the water column. 

Madisyn Frandsen — Tarleton State University —  Madisyn studied regime shifts in the Gulf of Alaska with Ivonne Ortiz and the Alaska Fisheries Science Center.

Iker Madera — Colorado School of Mines — Iker worked with Peter Holmberg in NOAA's Pacific Hydrographic Branch to test new software designed to process field data used to create a 3D surface of the ocean floor. 

Suzanna Officer — Walla Walla Community College — Suzanna worked with JISAO's Samantha Siedlecki to help forecast the effect of environmental changes on dungeness crabs. 

Nicola Paul — University of Miami — Nicoa worked with Dave Beauchamp in the UW School of Aquatic and Fisheries Science where she researched the threatened population of Chinook salmon in Puget Sound.  

Grace Stonecipher — Yale University — Grace studied environmental impacts on fish larvae abundance in Puget Sound with Julie Keister in the UW School of Oceanography.

Jeremy Sousa — Lyndon State College — Jeremy worked with JISAO's Yolande Serra on analysis of the North American monsoon retreat. 

Caroline Tribble — Virginia Polytechnic Institute — Caroline studied the feeding behavior of Bristol Bay belugas with Manuel Castellote and the NOAA Marine Mammal Lab.


2015 JISAO Summer Interns
Back row (L-R): Lexie Lucassen, Isabel Justiniano, Eric Kennedy, Jane Thompson, Alissa Luk, Nevin Schaeffer
Front row (L-R): Marina Cucuzza, Mandy Echevarria, Haila Schultz, Myesa Legendre-Fixx, Claire Buysse

Claire Buysse, College of Saint Benedict
Investigating Geenland ice-core record and global models. 

Marina Cucuzza, College of the Atlantic
Characterizing substrate in the eastern Chukchi Sea using acoustic remote sensing and GIS analysis.

Amanda Echevarria, University of San Diego
Investigating how ocean acidification is affecting the reproduction and development of copepods. 

Isabel Justiniano, Brigham Young University
Testing custom stereo camera systems as a sampling tool for the atka mackerel population.

Eric Kennedy, Seattle University
Using sonar as a lower-impact method to model habitat in the Bering Sea.

Myesa Legendre-Fixx, University of Washington
Interviewing crab fishermen about their perceptions on entry and upward mobility in their industry. 

Alexis Lucassen, Gonzaga University
Monitoring the ecosystem and fish populations within Alaska's Wood River System. 

Alissa Luk, New York University
Looking at the oxygen isotope composition of a sclerosponge skeleton.

Nevin Schaeffer, Whitman College
Solar irradiance availability and variability in the Pacific Northwest. 

Haila Schultz, University of Puget Sound
Comparing the stomach contents of juvenile Chinook salmon in Puget Sound to the food availability in their environment. 

Jane Thompson, Williams College
How water reaches the Bering Shelf, where it comes from, and what it brings with it. 


2014 JISAO summer interns
L-R: Stanley Ko, Amy Duarte, Alex Daruthers, Maddie Camp, Sophia Wensman, Brittany Hailey

Madeline Camp, Rice University
Analyzing oxidants of sulfate in the remote marine boundary layer.

Alexandra Caruthers, Valparaiso University
Washington wind storms: Seasonality and relationship to ENSO.

Amy Duarte, Humboldt State University
How size influences survival of Chinook salmon in Puget Sound.  

Brittany Hailey, Jackson State University
Statistical analysis of watershed data for USACE's climate vulnerability assessment.

Stanley Ko, CUNY City College
Developing life history models of krill in the Northern Pacific Ocean.

Sophia Wensman, University of Michigan
The production and emission of nitrous oxide from Hood Canal. 


2013 JISAO summer interns

L-R: Michelle Serino, Daniel Bazemore, Laura Migliaccio, Makie Matsumoto-Hervol, Daniel Gutierrez, Delilah Dougi

Daniel Bazemore, University of Northern Colorado
Understanding dynamic and microphysical interactions in cirrus clouds.

Delilah Dougi, Fort Lewis College
Analyzing the amount of carbon being released and stored within the Upper Missouri River System.

Daniel Gutierrez, Texas A&M University
Studying Sockey salmon with the Alaska Salmon Research Program.

Makie Matsumoto-Hervol, University of Wisconsin
Field collection and lab analysis of Orca whale scat.

Laura Migliaccio, Clark University
The effects of ocean acidification on pteropods.

Michelle Serino, Millersville University
Correlations between ocean heat flux and cloud anomalies in the North Atlantic.


2012 summer interns

Standing: Isabel McCoy, Ricky Vargas, Bianca Santos, Abby Ahlert
Kneeling: Karimar Ledesma Maldonado, Shirley Leung

Abby Ahlert, University of Maryland
Characterization of nanoplastic marine debris using flow cytometry

Karimar Ledesma Maldonado, University of Puerto Rico
An analysis of solar radiation in the northwest United States for photovoltaic installations

Shirley Leung, University of Pennsylvania
Ocean heat uptake and surface warming variations during future climate change

Isabel McCoy, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Examining stratocumulus properties over the Southeast Pacific

Bianca Santos, Stony Brook University
Studying the effect of temperature and diet on the growth of coho salmon in Alaska

Ricky Vargas, Rutgers University
Synoptic control of precipitation over the Cascade mountains


2011 interns

Standing: Rachel Pausch, Jake Zaragoza, Vivian Underhill, Dennis Negron-Rivera
Kneeling: Theresa Edwards, Karissa Lear

Theresa Edwards, Willamette University
Two months with the wildlife in Alaska

Karissa Lear, Clark University
Studying impacts of ocean acidification on zooplankton

Dennis Negron Rivera, University of Puerto Rico
Atmosphere and ocean variable along the Washington coast

Rachel Pausch, University of Miami
Collecting and analyzing whale scat in the San Juan Islands

Vivian Underhill, University of Colorado
Sea ice distribution in the Bering Sea

Jake Zaragoza, Gonzaga University
Reconstructing past tropical climates 


2010 JISAO interns

L-R: Cole Perkinson, Kyle Thomas, Angel Adames, Nikki Marschke, Alex Kowaleski, Korita Humphries

Angel Adames-Corraliza, University of Puerto Rico
JISAO Research Intern: Understanding aerosol properties over the American continents

Korita Humphries, Claflin University
JISAO Research Intern: Studying the effects of atmospheric chemistry on climate change

Alex Kowaleski, Davidson College
JISAO Research Intern: Static stability in global climate models

Nikki Marschke, Drake University
JISAO Research Intern: Diets of Pacific herring

Cole Perkinson, Reed College
JISAO Research Intern: Aluminum concentrations in water collected near undersea volcanoes

Kelsey Powers, University of Washington
JISAO Research Intern: Collecting and studying orca whale scat

Kyle Thomas, Texas Southern University
JISAO Research Intern: Biological processes of sediment in lakes, bogs, and oceans

Olivier Borely, France
Climate Impacts Group intern: Analyzing coastal wind and climatology


2009 JISAO interns

L-R: Daniel Hernandez, Alyssa De La Rosa, Laura Vogel, Justin Perry

Alyssa De La Rosa, University of Texas, El Paso
NCAS/JISAO Research Intern: Measuring CO2 levels in the ocean

Daniel Hernandez, Humboldt State University
NCAS/JISAO Research Intern: NOAA diving center

Justin Perry, Morehouse College
NCAS/JISAO Research Intern: Chemistry in the marine boundary layer

Laura Vogel, Columbia University
NCAS/JISAO Research Intern: Analyzing ice core samples from the Antarctic

Karen McKinon, Harvard University
NOAA Hollings Scholar: Climate change attribution


Angel Adames-Corraliza, University of Puerto Rico
NCAS/JISAO Research Intern: Analyzing the presence of black carbon on Arctic snow

Kelsey Powers, University of Washington
JISAO summer research: Applying knowledge of chemistry to ocean

2007 - 2001

Melanie Null, University of Washington
JISAO summer research 2007: Analyzing seawater samples for nutrient content

Dondra Biller, University of California, San Diego
NOAA Hollings Scholar 2006: Determining concentration levels of trace metals in the ocean

Jamie Smith, DePaul University
JISAO summer research 2004: Exploring hydrothermal vents

Angie Opiola, DePaul University
JISAO summer research 2001 and 2002: Studying hydrothermal plume activity