Summer science workshops 2008

The science of climate change

JISAO sponsored and organized two science workshops for the UW DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internet-working, and Technology) program on the topic of climate change, including a visit to NOAA.

Workshop: Global and Regional Dynamics of Climate Change

At the first workshop DO-IT high school students learned about the global and regional dynamics of climate change and the impacts of global warming on our environment. Students participated in a hands-on hydrology demonstration using a model of a watershed to illustrate the impacts of global warming on the level of water in streams and rivers during winter and summer. Wrapping up the session students were introduced to different clean energy technologies and the concept of climate change mitigation. The workshop was co-sponsored by the UW Program on Climate Change with help from the School of Oceanography.

Workshop: Visit to the National Weather Service

For the second workshop students visited the National Weather Service at the NOAA Northwest Regional facility. They were treated to a tour of the Weather Service and shown a DVD of extreme weather events in Washington State. Students then broke into groups and worked on a weather mapping exercise that illustrated the relationship between atmospheric pressure and wind and weather patterns. DO-IT students learned about the basic science behind El Nino and were shown meteorological sensors that are mounted onTAO (Tropical Atmosphere Ocean) buoys deployed in the Pacific Ocean. The session concluded with a presentation on atmospheric chemistry and global warming which featured photos from the recent ICEALOT research cruise. The workshop was co-sponsored by the NOAA National Weather Service and NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory.