GEAR UP 2008

Summer Institute 2008

Get your head in the clouds: Weather and water in Washington Stage

Luara Hinkelman giving cloud demonstrationJISAO sponsored two Learning Labs on atmospheric pressure, the science of cloud formation, and the hydrologic cycle for the GEAR UP Summer Institute in 2008. Titled "Get your head in the clouds: Weather and water in Washington State," the lab included a tour of the roof-top weather station at the Atmospheric Sciences Department.

JISAO scientists Dave Covert, Laura Hinkelman, Marketa Elsner, and Todd Mitchell led the workshops, which featured three lab stations where GEAR UP students got their hands wet running the following experiments:

  • a can-crushing demonstration illustrating the force of atmospheric pressure;
  • a cloud-in-a-bottle activity (top photo) illustrating the process of cloud formation in the presence of atmospheric aerosols; and,
  • a model watershed allowing students to measure precipitation and run-off under current conditions and potentially warmer temperatures due to climate change.

Presentation of a NOAA National Weather Service DVD showing extreme weather events in the state of Washington closed out the workshop with a bang.