Sustainability Summit

JISAO exhibition booth at UW's Sustainability Summit

University of Washington, Red Square: October 20, 2010

Sustainabilit Summit logoThe University of Washington (UW) is hosting a Sustainability Summit for campus sustainability day on October 20th. The event will celebrate the accomplishments of sustainability work on campus, discuss the future of campus sustainability initiatives, and inform the campus community about opportunities for funding now that the campus sustainability fund has passed.

UW will be hosting approximately 60 different groups related to sustainability on red square from 11:30am - 2:30pm. The exhibitors, including JISAO, will be a combination of campus student groups, academic units, faculty/staff green groups, and various facilities and administrative units on campus who are involved in sustainability initiatives for UW. There will also be many external vendors ranging from food suppliers, utilities companies, recycling and solid waste companies and other local businesses and non-profits doing sustainable work.

JISAO scientist and administration staff will be on red square to share the work being done by JISAO and talk with the public about the organization's projects and initiatives.