Career Day

Assistant state climatologist invited to high school career day

Orting High School, Seattle, WA

Karin BumbacoOn Thursday, February 4, JISAO research scientist Karin Bumbaco participated in Orting High School's annual Career Day. She took over a Physical and Earth Science class for the day and talked to four groups of 9th and 10th grade students about her career and how she got there. Karin touched on her interests while in high school, discussed classes she took in college, and described projects that she is currently working on. She also offered explanations about meteorology and climatology as well as potential career paths different from her own. The students asked plenty of questions and Karin was able to preview her weather vs. climate hands-on activity that she is developing in collaboration with Pacific Science Center. "It was great interacting with younger people and introducing them to a career that many of them knew nothing about," Karin said after the event.