Everett Scholars Project

GEAR UP students visit NOAA at Sand Point

November 22, 2008

Students visiting NOAAJISAO, the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) and NOAA Corps hosted a visit to the NOAA Sand Point facility for GEAR UP students on November 22, 2008. The event featured a tour of the NOAA Ship RAINIER, a dock-side tour of a portable research lab, and indoor science activities.

GEAR UP students assembled along the dock in the morning where they were welcomed by JISAO scientists Nick Bond, David Butterfield and Paul Covert. The morning activities began with the tour of a portable lab and talk by Paul Covert about how to prepare for a research cruise and the types of research that scientists do at sea.

NOAA Corps officers ENS Matthew Nardi and ENS Christy Schultz led two tours of the RAINIER, a vessel used for hydrographic surveys that operates off the U.S. Pacific Coast and in Alaska. Students toured the bridge, survey room, deck and the galley where they learned about the main functions of the ship and what life at sea is like for crew members.

Students looking at nautical mapFollowing the tour students assembled in the PMEL seminar room where UW undergrad Kelsey Powers and grad student Eric Collins talked about college life and their research projects. Next, GEAR UP students watched a video of deep-sea hydrothermal vents and heard from scientist David Butterfield about marine ecosystems that surround the vents. Research scientist Nick Bond explained the basic principles of atmospheric pressure and had two GEAR UP students demonstrate pressure forces using a can-crushing experiment. Before leaving, students watched a NOAA Weather Services video showing extreme weather events in Washington State.