Chakrit Chotamonsak

Climate Impacts Group: Visiting Grad Student

Chakrit headshotChakrit was born and raised in Chiang Rai province in Northern Thailand. He received his BSc in Physics in 2002 and MSc in Physics in 2005 from Chiang Mai University (CMU), Thailand. He worked for one and a half years as a Lecturer in the Department of Geography at CMU, then returned to school in 2007 to study for his PhD in Environmental Science.

Chakrit has been living in Seattle since September 2009 when he began his PhD work with the Climate Impacts Group under Eric Salathe. In the first year of his program Chakrit received financial support from the Thai government, and this year, he receives support from the Science and Technology Program at the University of Washington Bothell campus.

His graduate research focuses on regional climate simulation and changes over Thailand and nearby countries. Particular emphasis is on dynamic downscaling of global climate model simulations over Southeast Asia at 60-km resolution and over Thailand and nearby countries at 20-km resolution. He has been using the Chakrit hikingWeather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model to downscale ECHAM5 global climate simulation data for current and future decades. Thesimulations are being analyzed for climate variability, long-term climate trends, and extreme weather events on regional and local scales.

Outside of work, Chakrit likes to spend time watching movies and TV shows. He spends time with his Thai friends skiing, exploring parks, lakes, and forests in the area. He also likes to cook and his friends tell him he does a good job preparing Thai food. He has been traveling to other states with friends on long holiday breaks.