Marketa McGuire Elsner

Research Scientist, Climate Impacts Group

MarketaMarketa McGuire Elsner joined JISAO's Climate Impacts Group in the summer of 2007 as a research scientist to study the implications of climate change for the Pacific Northwest.

Marketa became interested in hydrology and water resources issues while taking a course in international water management in Zimbabwe, Egypt, and Austria through the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she completed her bachelor's degree in civil engineering. She worked as an engineer at a water resources management consulting firm in Boulder, which took her to adventurous places such as Roswell, NM, before moving to Seattle to complete her master's degree in civil engineering at the University of Washington. At the UW, she studied means of improving streamflow forecasting in the Snake River basin using MODIS satellite snowcover products. After three years working in the engineering consulting world in Seattle, she returned to the UW and joined the CIG.

Marketa's research focuses on the impacts of climate change on Pacific Northwest hydrology and water resources management. She was a project co-manager for the Washington State Climate Change Impacts Assessment and is currently working on a study to provide hydrologic scenarios, based on projections of climate change, through an online database. She also enjoys participating in projects with Engineers Without Borders and JISAO's outreach program, which involves collaborative projects and demonstrations with young scientists. Outside of work, Marketa enjoys trying new things (recently skijoring and gardening) and spending time outdoors with her husband and two huskies.