Spotlight: Joe Greer

JISAO Payroll Coordinator

Joe reading in the sunEveryone at JISAO spends time in Joe Greer's office. As the Payroll Coordinator he's the first person you meet on your first day of work. He helps set up your payroll account and then you're always invited to stroll back in and snack on some M&M's from the glass jar on his desk, fill in some Sudoku on his whiteboard, or simply settle down for a chat. But who exactly is Joe Greer?

It all started long ago, in Augsburg, Germany, where Joe was born. His father was stationed in Augsburg with the U.S. military so he spent two years there with his family before moving to the Puget Sound as a wee lad. Throughout his youth his mother worked at the University of Washington where he became familiar with the campus long before he was even thinking about attending college. After some time studying at Everett Community College Joe took a year off to work before he returned to UW to earn a BA in English with a focus on creative writing. In the years following, Joe has become a published poet and you can read some of his poetry here.

Following graduation Joe started working at the UW with Housing and Food Services and, before long, he was promoted to the position of Payroll Coordinator. Ever the wandering soul, he later moved on to work in the Counseling Center at Gray’s Harbor College. Along the way, Joe needed another break so he studied to be a hospital chaplain at the Pacific Lutheran Seminary. However, his pathway led him back to the University of Washington and in 2003 he became the Payroll Coordinator at JISAO.

In his spare time Joe enjoys playing brain challenging games, writing, and of course, reading. His favorite genre is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy and you can often find him reading in the sunshine at the end of the hall. Joe will frequently break out his juggling balls and he's happy to pass along his knowledge to young apprentices interested in learning the ancient and time-honored skill of juggling. Most of all, Joe loves spending time with his young nephew Isaac, who is just “exploring what it’s like to be alive.”

Eventually, Joe hopes to retire to a nice farm in Washington, which will likely become the new location for JISAO hoedowns.