Spotlight: Thanh-Tam Nguyen

Research Scientist

TamThanh-Tam Nguyen joined JISAO in February 2015 as a research scientist. Fascinated by the mystery of the oceans, she chose oceanography as her major and undertook the Honors undergraduate program at Vietnam National University. She worked for two years at research institutes in Vietnam before going to Europe for her postgraduate studies in coastal and marine engineering and management with the Erasmus Mundus scholarship at Delft University of Technology in 2009. She also did an exchange program at two other universities in the UK and Norway and gained knowledge on a wide range of coastal issues and state-of-the-art solutions in Europe. In 2011, she took a graduate program in physical oceanography at Florida State University.

Her research interests span from coastal processes to coastal and marine human-induced and natural hazards, especially in the context of climate change. She was involved in a number of research projects concerning construction of tsunami hazard maps for Vietnam coastal areas, coastal erosion at Hai Hau beach in Vietnam, coastal flooding in Southampton with sea level rise scenarios, and exchange between the coastal and open ocean in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. Currently, she is working on short-term forecasts of ocean conditions for fisheries and ecosystem managements in the coastal ocean of Oregon and Washington.

In her spare time, Tam enjoys traveling, swimming, hiking, camping and reading. She fell in love with natural beauty in the Pacific Northwest region, and she is excited to explore from beaches, mountains to forests.