Edward L. Miles

Senior Fellow in JISAO and Co-Director, Center for Science in the Earth System (CSES)

Ed MilesPhD, International Relations, Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver, Denver, CO., 1965.

E-mail: edmiles@u.washington.edu

Office: 044B, JISAO

SMA Office: Rm 235, Marine Studies Bldg. (MAR)

Phone: JISAO (206-616-5348); SMA (206-685-1837)

Fax: 206-526-6485


Research Interests

Marine policy and ocean management; international science and technology policy; global and regional climate impacts science and policy.

See website: http://www.cses.washington.edu/

Current Research Projects

  • Team leader, Climate Impacts Group, CSES; focus on the impacts of climate variability and climate change on the Pacific Northwest; the impacts of ocean acidification on the marine ecosystems of the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

Selected Publications

Edward L. Miles. 1998. "Personal Reflections on an Unfinished Journey Through Global Environmental Problems of Long Timescale," Policy Sciences, Vol. 31, pp. 1-33.

Edward L. Miles. 1998. Global Ocean Politics: The Decision-Process at the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea, (The Hague:  Kluwer Law International), 750 pp.

Edward L. Miles, Amy K. Snover, Alan F. Hamlet, Bridget Callahan, and David Fluharty. 2000. "Pacific Northwest Regional Assessment: The Impact of Climate Variability and Climate Change on the Water Resources of the Columbia River Basin," Journal of the American Water Resources Association, Vol. 36, No. 2, p. 399-420.

Edward L. Miles, Arild Underdal, Steinar Andresen, Jørgen Wettestad, Jon Birger Skjaerseth, and Elaine Carlin. 2002. Environmental Regime Effectiveness: Confronting Theory with Evidence, (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press).

Strom, Are, Robert C. Francis, Nathan J. Mantua, Edward L. Miles, David L. Peterson.  2004. North Pacific Climate Recorded in Growth Rings of Geoduck Clams: A New Tool for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 31, L06206, doi:10.1029/2004GL019440.

Miles, E. L., A. K. Snover, L. C. Whitley Binder, E. S. Sarachik, P. W. Mote, and N. Mantua. 2006. "An Approach to Designing a National Climate Service." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Vol. 103, No. 52 (December 26): 19616 - 19623. Reprinted in PNAS, Vol. 103, No. 45 (November 7, 2006), Special Issue: "Highlights in Sustainability Science."

UW Responsibilities

Virginia and Prentice Bloedel Professor of Marine Studies and Public Affairs, School of Marine Affairs (SMA), University of Washington
Joint appointment in the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
Adjunct Professor of Fisheries, School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences