Yolande L. Serra

Senior Research Scientist

Yolande Serra BS (cum laude), Physics/Biophysics, University of California San Diego, 1990
PhD, Physical Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1996

E-mail: yserra@uw.edu
Office: 140 Wallace Hall
3737 Brooklyn Ave NE, Box 355672
Seattle, WA  98105
Tel: (206) 616-5154
Fax: (206) 685-3397

Research Interests

Dr Serra's work focuses on exploring links between weather and climate, with a particular focus on the Intra-Americas Sea (IAS) and the tropical northeastern Pacific regions and their links to the climate of the southwestern United States.  Her work includes investigating the variability, origins and tracks of synoptic disturbances across the IAS, also known as easterly waves, which are the precursors to the majority of hurricanes in both the Atlantic and East Pacific basins.  Dr. Serra also has an interest in tropical - extra-tropical interactions that influence North American monsoon rainfall.  These interactions can result from easterly waves, tropical cyclones or intraseasonal modes of variability of the tropical northeastern or western Pacific.  Most recently, Dr. Serra has been involved with measuring tropospheric water vapor using GPS technology, with installations in northwest Mexico and southeastern Arizona, which, together with the GPS network recently installed in the Caribbean, now provide a spatially continuous, realtime, all-weather observational network for water vapor from the IAS into the southwestern United States.  These areas of research contribute to the current understanding of the regional water cycle and convective organization over tropical land areas and in the semi-arid monsoon regions, with important consequences for operational forecasts on synpotic to seasonal time scales.  In addition, climate models project drier conditions for the IAS and southwestern United States in the future.  Thus, understanding the links between weather and climate in these regions is of particular importance for both assessing the uncertainty in the model projections as well as translating the impact of these projections to the local scale.

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