Samantha Siedlecki

Research Scientist

Samantha SiedleckiPhD, University of Chicago, 2010

Office: Wallace Hall, room 162
Phone: 206-616-7328
Fax: 206-685-3397

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J-SCOPE website: JISAO Seasonal Coastal Ocean Prediction of the Ecosystem 
Hypoxia hindcast model

Research Interests

  • The role of the coastal ocean in global biogeochemical cycles.
  • Mechanisms for transport of dissolved and particulate nutrients on and off the shelf.
  • The role of the winds, stratification, shelf size, freshwater forcing, and sea level changes on exchange between the coastal and open ocean.
  • Controls over source water depth for upwelled water and how that might change in a global warming world.
  • Ocean acidification in the coastal ocean.
  • Numerical Models of the coastal ocean.
  • Tracer design and implementation in models


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