Salary Distribution Changes

To request salary distribution changes (i.e., change what grant budget someone is paid on), email the JISAO payroll coordinator, M. Jones, and include the following information in the email:

  • employee's name
  • budget number of the grant the employee is to be paid on
  • distribution dates (start and end dates the employee is to be paid on the grant)
  • FTE % (the percentage of the salary to be paid on the grant)
  • authorization for the change from the PI or other appropriate individual

Please put this information in a clear location on the email so that it can be pasted into the notes section of the On-line Payroll Update System (OPUS).

Note: When requesting salary distribution changes, it is important to make sure that you are contacting the appropriate payroll person. In the case of Research Associates (post docs) the home department may be different from the appointing department. If you are in doubt, please contact M. Jones.

Salary-Change Deadlines:

To insure that payroll runs smoothly, we're now requiring that all JISAO payroll requests be submitted to M. Jones by the schedule below. This includes cruise pay requests, changes to which budgets staff are allocated to and basically all types of actions involving payroll.

  • For work performed from the 1st - 15th of the month (this is the paycheck we receive on the 25th) the deadline is the 15th.
  • For work performed from the 16th to the end of the month (this is the paycheck we receive on the 10th) the deadline is the last day of the month.

If we don't receive payroll requests by these deadlines, they likely will not be processed until the next pay period. If there's some reason why you can't make a specific deadline, please contact M. Jones prior to the deadline to see if an extension is possible.

If you need help with budget projections you can contact Fred Averick (for NOAA grants), Deb Malarek (for non-NOAA budgets).