2015 Intern Videos

Claire Buysse - College of Saint Benedict
Investigating Geenland ice-core record and global models. 

Marina Cucuzza - College of the Atlantic
Acoustic remote sensing and GIS analysis to characterize substrate in the eastern Chukchi Sea. 

Amanda Echevarria - University of San Diego
Investigating how ocean acidification is affecting the reproduction and development of copepods. 

Isabel Justiniano - Brigham Young University
Testing a custom stereo camera system as a sampling tool for the atka mackerel population.  

Eric Kennedy - Seattle University
Using sonar as a lower-impact method to model habitat in the Bering Sea.

Myesa Legendre-Fixx - University of Washington
Interviewing crab fishermen about their perceptions on entry and upward mobility in their industry. 

Alexis Lucassen - Gonzaga University
Monitoring the ecosystem and fish populations within Alaska's Wood River System. 

Alissa Luk - New York University
Looking at the oxygen isotope composition of a sclerosponge skeleton.

Nevin Schaeffer - Whitman College
Solar irradiance availability and variability in the Pacific Northwest. 

Haila Schultz - University of Puget Sound
Comparing the stomach contents of juvenile Chinook salmon in Puget Sound to the food availability in their environment.