2009 Intern Videos

Alyssa De La Rosa: University of Texas, El Paso
Alyssa describes her chemical oceanography internship at NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Lab at Sand Point in Seattle. In this video she demonstrates measuring the alkalinity and the dissolved inorganic carbon of sea water samples.

Daniel Hernandez: Humboldt State University
In this video Daniel describes his internship with the NOAA Diving Center at Sand Point in Seattle.

Justin Perry: Morehouse College
In this video Justin highlights his internship with the UW's Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Justin worked with UW professor Joel Thornton studying the nighttime chemistry of nitrogen oxides.

Laura Vogel: Columbia University
Laura describes her internship with UW's Department of Atmospheric Sciences where she worked on the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Project. In this video she demonstrates the process of ice core analysis.